To those that saved me and for the one’s that might be saving you.

It took me a while to come to terms with my “friends in my head” to trust and yes even love them. I remember before knowing that I had DID and while I was still somewhat stuck in believing in God, religion, etc. I thought the voices were ghosts or maybe even aliens communicating with me. I knew they were there I knew they were real I just didn’t realize they saved my life in so many way and a multitude of times. Some of them hold the most traumatic memories and others hold none. This was the only way for me to survive. Some of my parts took the violent abuses (sexual, emotional, physical, religious) so others could live as normal a life as possible in such a tragic situtation. I now thank them everyday for saving this body, this vessel we all inhabit and use to live our lives. This is what I wanted to put out there today for others not coping well with their “friends in their heads” and to let mine know that I love you all and could never repay you for what y’all went through for the greater good of us all.

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