Mental health isn’t the only issue

Hello all, well my mental health isn’t the only issues I have to deal with. Along with DID, CPTSD, and anxiety I also deal with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, post traumatic epilepsy due to a severe beating in a home invasion which I will write about another time, back issues, bladder issues, and digestive issues. I tell you this because your physical health and mental health can definitely “rub each other the wrong way.” I had a bladder test done and it put me into a tailspin with my mental health. The catheters used during the test brought back some really horrible memories and had my dissociation going all over the place. It also had me switching between parts very rapidly. I am learning to prepare myself better with the physical stuff to try and keep the mental issues calmer. I am having some procedures done tomorrow dory digestive issues and will be sedated so I am trying to not be so anxious about that one of the reasons I am writing about it here hoping it will help. Wish me luck on this tomorrow and I will let everyone know when I am able to get on and write about it the outcomes.

Peace and love,

The Multifarious Mind

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